Before EKKEKO, free online classified ads were dull and boring.
Full-featured classifieds charged big listing fees or commissions.
Peer-to-peer programs were just for swapping files.

The world has changed.

EKKEKO is a P2P program for creating, posting. and viewing classified ads online.
The EKKEKO ad-creation wizard enables sellers to produce advertisements with unlimited content, and to post listings at no charge on the EKKEKO central server. The advertisements stay on the seller's computer, where EKKEKO's exclusive file-sharing technology makes them visible to buyers around the world. Thanks to EKKEKO's P2P architecture, advertisements are always current and buyers communicate directly and confidentially with sellers.
EKKEKO contains no spy-ware or ad-ware and, best of all, it's absolutely free!

Requires Macromedia Flash Player 6
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